Concrete for DIY Enthusiasts & Homeowners

Are you a homeowner looking to build a new driveway for your house? Perhaps you are searching for the right material for that concrete shed base? Whether you are a one-off DIY builder or an enthusiast, Eastern Concrete will provide you with the materials you need. At Eastern Concrete, we are the lead supplier of concrete throughout the eastern region; including Suffolk, Norfolk, North Essex and Cambridgeshire. From pre-mixed concrete to small batch concrete made on-site, we have the best quality concrete for DIY projects. If you wish to find out more, here are a range of services that Eastern Concrete can offer you.

Premixed concrete solutions

We have an extensive range of concrete mixes and products available on-site. Here are some of our options for concrete suitable for DIY projects:

  • Volumetric concrete site mix – We can mix concrete for you on-site with little to no waste and at the lowest price. Our trucks can mix 8.5m3 in one load and all concrete is mixed fresh on arrival.
  • Ready mixed concrete – An alternative to on-site mixing, ready mixed concrete is mixed at our plant and ready to use straight away. Ready mixed concrete saves time and manpower and offers a consistent supply of same quality concrete.
  • Flowing floor screed – We offer Gyspol-based flowing screeds that are made from volumetric concrete and are self-levelling and self-compacting. Our screeds are high quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Rapid set concrete – This concrete solution is used for structural repair and restoration jobs where speedy reinforcement is needed with minimal disruption. Rapid set concrete increases the durability of existing concrete, expanding its lifespan by 100 years, and has a low carbon footprint.
  • Concrete pump hire – With our selection of CIFA 20m, 24m and 39m boomed concrete pumps we can deliver concrete directly from supply to site. Pumps allow concrete to be rapidly placed in hard to reach places and reduces plant and labour costs. Either stand alone or one stop pumped concrete hire.
  • Out of hours concrete supply – If you need concrete supplied outside of normal business hours, then contact us directly to arrange a service.

Who we are

Since 2002 we at Eastern Concrete have been supplying concrete to clients around the East Anglia region. We are committed to excellent customer service, flexibility and premium quality products. Our team works with a large client base comprising of private, public and domestic; many of whom have been returning customers.

For DIY enthusiasts and homeowners our range of services is extensive for any household projects you have going on. If you need a concrete mix for shed bases, rapid set concrete for reinforcing structures or small batch concrete for garden work or driveways, we can help. Our friendly team is on hand to supply you with all the materials you need to complete the task at hand.

Eastern Concrete

Speak with our team today to find out more about how we can supply your needs. Our head office is in Stowmarket and we have depots in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and Norwich. You can also contact us via phone, email or our website. Contact Eastern Concrete today to discuss the concrete solution that is best for you.

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