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Based in Stowmarket in Suffolk, Eastern Concrete is home to a friendly and professional team. Our aim is to be the best concrete supplier in the region. We are a specialist concrete mix company, with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in the delivery of ready-mixed concrete for every kind of project. If you need it fast, we can offer same or next day delivery, and we make the quality of our concrete a priority. Other local concrete companies provide concrete; we like to think we provide peace of mind as well with a flexible approach.

Why you might need concrete

Shed or greenhouse base: When building a shed or greenhouse in your garden, the first thing you need is a solid surface on which to erect it. Concrete flags can be used but are more prone to movement; which can be a problem with a glass greenhouse structure. Quality concrete will provide a solid and stable base for any garden structure that will last for years to come.

Driveways: Concrete is the perfect material for driveways, providing strength, durability and ease of maintenance. Tarmac or asphalt are often seen as cheaper alternatives. But given that they have less than half the average lifespan of concrete and require more regular maintenance, that often turns out to be a false economy. Concrete will not soften in hot weather and is significantly more resistant to petrol or chemical staining.

Garden paths: Many people choose to create garden paths using decorative flags. Though they may look attractive to begin with, they are easily cracked and broken by heavy objects or freezing weather. Add to this the problem of weeds and grass growing between them, and the appearance of flags can quickly deteriorate. Immune to such disadvantages, concrete is the ideal material for a garden path. Moreover, there are tools for creating decorative effects on concrete.

Why you need a concrete mix company

Anyone who’s ever ‘hand-mixed’ a quantity of cement or concrete will understand how physically demanding it is. They will also understand how little you can mix using only a shovel, and how many separate mixes will be needed to complete the project. The amount of concrete required for a short driveway (for example) is often far more than expected. Manual mixing can turn a small project into a massive undertaking. A company like Eastern Concrete can turn it back into a small project again.

Why choose Eastern Concrete?

If you’re looking for local concrete companies in the Suffolk area, choose one you can trust to provide the service you expect. Eastern Concrete offers concrete supply and delivery services to a wide range of customers, from domestic and independent businesses to large contractors. We pride ourselves on being a concrete company you can rely on, whatever your project. We run a fleet of modern trucks, which allows us to offer flexible timescales and multi-mix deliveries. This means the customer is always in control. For home or garden improvements or any project requiring concrete, we offer delivery on time at competitive rates. Feel free to give us a call for more information.

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