How much concrete do I need?

If you use our concrete calculator this will give you a guide as to how much you need. Or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this for free!

When can I have my concrete delivered?

We can deliver your concrete when you need it. Our standard delivery times are Monday to Friday 07.30am to 17.00pm and Saturday 07.30am to 12.00pm

We can deliver outside of these times by prior arrangement, day or night, to suit your project restrictions

How much does concrete weigh?

Concrete weight varies by the type, but only very slightly. The best average to use is 2.2tn per m3

What type of concrete do I need?

We can supply any British Standard Mix and some proprietary ones to suit your needs. Whether it’s a straightforward footing to structural mixes. Call us and get expert free advice on what mix is best for you.

How big are the trucks that deliver my concrete?

Our truck mixers and volumetric mixers are slightly different in terms of size. All trucks are approximately 2.5m wide (excluding mirrors)

Lengths are:

6m3 – Ready Mix:       7m long plus 2.4m for 3 chutes

8m3 Ready Mix:          8.8m long plus 2.4m for 3 chutes

Volumetric 8 wheel:    9m long plus 5m for 3 chutes and auger

Volumetric 6 Wheel:   7.4m long plus 5m for 3 chutes and auger

How do I get my concrete to where I need it?

If we can get near the point of discharge you can use the chutes. For small amounts you can barrow the concrete. All our volumetric vehicles have wheelbarrows on board which are free for you to use. For larger amounts, when access is an issue you can hire our concrete pumps to help transfer the concrete over walls, through buildings, over fields, upper floors and down into basements. Get free advice on pumping concrete by calling now.

What happens if I need to cancel my concrete?

No problem, we know things change. Just give us as much notice as possible, but if the load has left for site there may be a charge for the concrete or late cancellation fees. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for adverse weather and plan accordingly.

What is the smallest amount of concrete I can have delivered?

With volumetric, mix on site delivery, we can mix as little as two wheel barrow loads. We are flexible enough to cope with any size order which suits you.

How long will the concrete take to set and go hard?

Depending on local site conditions, concrete is going to set in around two hours once it is mixed. Concrete is a live product and you need to be ready and prepared to place and finish your mix in a timely fashion. Timed deliveries and mix on site means we can offer the most flexible and adaptable solution for you.

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