New Product: Flowing Liquid Floor Screed Has Arrived!

Eastern Concrete Limited is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of liquid floor screed often referred to as flowing screed. When choosing the most efficient flooring product construction contractors are faced with a number of challenges.

What advantages does this unique blend of flowing screed have to offer? How will this compound cut down on project times while simultaneously reducing labour and cost overruns?

Let’s take a look at this revolutionary product in order to fully appreciate the advantages it has to offer.

The Basic Properties of Our Gypsol Screed

One of the issues that contractors address is the application time of traditional screed mixtures. This can be problematic if you happen to be on a tight project schedule.

As this is a self-compacting and self-leveling compound, much less physical labour is required. This is also a free-flowing floor screed mix, so it can be spread out over larger areas when compared to other versions. It can therefore represent a perfect option when tackling more voluminous spaces.

This self-leveling floor screed will not require the presence of any vibrating tools during the application; saving even more time. Fewer floor joints will be necessary and this once again reduces the total application time. In the same respect, the presence of additional reinforcements is no longer required.

A final functional advantage of this flowing screed is that it employs an Anhydrite binder. This essentially signifies that it is a much more environmentally friendly option; an obvious windfall when we consider the fact that most buildings are looking for ways in which to reduce their carbon footprints.

A Selection of Formulations Based Upon the Type of Floor

The liquid floor screed is quite flexible in terms of the different formulations available to you. Two relevant examples include (but are not limited to) Diamond and Gypsol Rustique. Of course, it is always possible to learn more about these and other options by speaking with one of our customer service specialists.

Smart Products for Equally Smart Contractor Solutions

This innovative liquid floor screed offers a balance of efficiency, functionality, and durability. In terms of performance, we have some very impressed contractors.

A handful of its unique benefits include:

  • Reduced application times
  • A lower carbon footprint
  • A reduction in end-user costs
  • Numerous formulations are available
  • No reinforcements or vibrating tools are necessary
  • Fewer floor joints needed

Flowing screed is only one of the many solutions Eastern Concrete has to offer.

If you would like to order a batch of floor screed or should you have any other questions, take a moment to contact us directly.

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