COVID-19 Update

To our valued customers, suppliers & staff,

During these challenging times with COVID -19 restricting every aspect of how we operate socially and during our working lives, we are writing to you to let you know we are still open for business.

We have taken the latest government advice in terms of minimising the further spread of the virus and are regularly monitoring new advice and guidelines as they are released. We have taken the advised precautionary measures issued by the government so far, but as you are all aware these are changing daily.

We are looking at contingencies which will allow us to carry on offering supply of goods & services should further restrictions be applied.

In line with recommendations we would ask all suppliers and visitors to limit physical visits to our operational centres to help mitigate any risk for the foreseeable future. With your cooperation in terms of social interaction, we are looking to issue delivery tickets, wherever possible, without customer signatures to reduce contact between each other. During this time we will not offer the ability to sign tickets and will follow social distancing rules whilst on site and at work.

Everyone is working hard to keep supply lines open and the cooperation and continued support from our work force is greatly appreciated. We have every confidence that we will be able to continue to offer our services to all and ask you all to keep talking to us as the scenario develops.

Our aim is to keep our staff, customers & suppliers as safe as is possible so your cooperation is much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Allen

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