Concrete in Swaffham

Almost every DIY enthusiast and builder needs concrete for their project at some point. Here at Eastern Concrete, we can meet this need by delivering top quality concrete quickly and efficiently for any business or project. We are the main source for both site and ready-mix concrete in Swaffham. A variety of services are available, including pump hire and out of hours deliveries. We have also built a reputation with our customers for reliability, offering the timely provision of quality concrete for over 20 years. So, speak with our friendly team today if you are looking for a concrete solution for your project.

Concrete for your Home Projects

Concrete is often required for strength and durability in any home, garden, or DIY project. At Eastern Concrete we can provide you with the ideal concrete solution for any project you’re working on. We can mix big batches of concrete as well as small amounts on site. Therefore, we will deliver the highest quality concrete at the most competitive prices.

The Right Solution for Every Project

  • Site Mix Concrete – For quick and easy access, we mix our concrete on-site. A low-cost, effective solution with little to no waste.
  • Ready Mix Concrete – Our ready-mix concrete will provide you with any amount of concrete you need which will be delivered directly from our factory to your location. So, this will ensure you have a consistent supply of concrete, saving you time and money.
  • Flowing Floor Screed – We provide the highest quality self-levelling and self-compacting floor screed on the market. This Gyposl-based screed is both a cost effective and environmentally sustainable flooring option.
  • Rapid Set Concrete – This is the best way to restore and repair old and damaged concrete. Rapid set concrete has a low carbon footprint and can also reinforce and fortify concrete in a matter of hours.
  • Concrete Pump Hire – If you need to get into tight spaces, a concrete pump is a cost-effective option. Pumps make it much easier to get to places like foundations.
  • Out of Hours Concrete Delivery – If you need concrete delivered outside of usual business hours, just contact us and we will get it to you right away.

Concrete Calculator

It can be tricky to calculate the exact amount of concrete you’ll need for a job. So, to meet this need, we provide a free concrete calculator to make your task easier. This calculator makes it simple to figure out how much concrete you will need for your project. Our calculator will ensure that you only pay for the amount of concrete in Swaffham that you need.

Work with Eastern Concrete

At Eastern Concrete we strive to always provide the greatest quality concrete to all our customers. Any project, whether domestic or commercial, can take advantage of next or same day delivery. Please contact us today to find out how we can best assist you.

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