Volumetric Concrete in Waterbeach

Eastern Concrete has become the go-to supplier of ready mix concrete in Waterbeach, Cambridge. We launched in 2002, and our reputation for quality concrete and outstanding customer service is now well established. Our knowledge and experience within the industry means we can offer the best and most helpful advice on your project. We also offer a comprehensive range of services to make your customer journey as easy as possible. If you need concrete in Waterbeach, you’ll be making the right choice with Eastern Concrete.

Home projects

The specialist equipment we use at Eastern Concrete gives us a high degree of flexibility. That allows us to supply concrete for projects and tasks of every size. Minor home projects involving concrete can be carried out using a small mixer and a wheelbarrow. But it’s a backbreaking job, and could take twice as long to complete. Eastern Concrete can provide concrete delivery in Cambridge for tasks such as:

  • Wall or fence foundations
  • Water features or pools
  • Bases for decking or patios
  • Ground level and conservatory floors
  • Garden paths and driveways
  • Shed, summerhouse or greenhouse bases
  • Footings for fence posts or other structures


Find the right solution for your project

Site mix concrete

Getting the right amount of concrete mixed on site is a great way to avoid waste and save money. With a reach of over 5 metres, our trucks will deliver the concrete exactly where you need it.

Ready mix concrete

A delivery of ready mix concrete in Cambridge will get your project underway in no time. Pre-mixed at our plant, you can be sure of consistent quality, and it’s ready to use right away.

Flowing floor screed

Eastern Concrete’s Gypsol-based screed is perfect for new floors or underfloor heating projects. It’s cost-effective, too, and kinder to the environment than sand and cement screed.

Rapid set concrete

If you’re repairing or restoring and need to reinforce an area quickly, rapid set concrete is the ideal option. It’s strong, durable and highly resistant to shrinkage, which reduces the risk of cracking.

Concrete pump hire

If you need a concrete delivery in Cambridge, our pump hire service offers a flexible solution. It’s designed to put concrete exactly where you want it, whether that’s underground or a storey high.

Out of hours delivery

Not every job is a 9 to 5 affair. But Eastern Concrete can supply ready mix concrete in Cambridge whenever you need it. That includes days, nights, weekends and holidays. Just call us to discuss your needs.


How much concrete do you need?

Planning a project is one thing; estimating how much concrete you’re going to need is quite another. Ordering the wrong amount could be costly, and could spoil or delay the job. Our free, easy to use concrete calculator will help you to work out exactly how much concrete you’ll need.


Eastern Concrete

From homeowners with DIY projects to contractors working on major development schemes, we’re here to help. For a service you can trust and a product you can rely on, choose Eastern Concrete. If you’d like more information or some friendly advice, why not contact us today.

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