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Concrete is needed for many DIY and construction projects; and Eastern Concrete will supply quality concrete in Spixworth quickly and efficiently to meet your needs. At Eastern Concrete, our focus is ready-mix as well as on site concrete for builders in the Spixworth area. As well as pump hire, we also provide out of hours delivery services. Over the past two decades, we have established an enviable reputation for highly reliable customer service. Our team of experts can help you find the best concrete in Spixworth for the best price. So why not contact us today?

Concrete for any Home Project

Whether you’re working on a house, a garden, or a DIY project, you’ll need concrete at some point. Concrete provides a solid and long lasting foundation for garden installations, sheds, and other structures. Concrete is also required for driveways and pathways to withstand the degree of traffic they must support. So, no matter what your project is, Eastern Concrete can provide you with the perfect concrete solution. We can offer you prime quality and very affordable concrete for any size project at the best price.

Find the Right Solution for your Project

  • Site Mix Concrete – During the course of your project, we mix all concrete on site. This solution is cost effective, and there is little, if any, wastage.
  • Ready Mix Concrete – If you require large quantities, we recommend our ready mix concrete. Mixed at our plant and delivered to you, this ensures a consistent supply and saves you time and effort.
  • Flowing Floor Screed – Our high-quality screed is an inexpensive and eco-friendly flooring solution. We make the screed from Gypsol which is self-levelling and compacting.
  • Rapid Set Concrete – For any repair or restoration project, rapid set concrete is an ideal solution. Rapid set concrete reinforces and strengthens concrete quickly while also leaving a smaller carbon imprint.
  • Concrete Pump Hire – You may have situations where you need to access tough regions, such as foundations, in some circumstances. A concrete pump is a low-cost choice that makes getting into these locations easy and requires less labour.
  • Out of Hours Delivery – Please call us if you need a concrete delivery urgently outside of business hours. We can schedule a concrete delivery as soon as possible.

Concrete Calculator

You may have planned your project out to the smallest detail. However, predicting the correct amount of concrete you need can still be a challenge. We can provide you with a concrete calculator at no extra cost to assist you in this area. For all concrete services, our calculator will make certain that you only purchase the amount you need and that no material is wasted.

For Quality Concrete in Spixworth, Choose Eastern Concrete

Eastern Concrete strives to supply you with the best concrete on the market. We can schedule any delivery for the next day or the same day. We also provide services for major projects as well as for residential jobs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your project.

For the best quality concrete in Spixworth, contact Eastern Concrete today.

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