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Pump hire

Our CIFA 20m, 24m & 39m boomed concrete pumps provide the complete concrete solution from delivery to placement.

By coordinating the supply of concrete and pump we make sure the right amount of concrete arrives at the correct time to provide you with a flexible and cost effective way of placing concrete in those “hard to reach” places with the minimum of fuss.

As well as the more straight forward footings and over sites on conventional sites, our pumps get used to fill underground tanks with foamed concrete, send concrete into fields for livestock buildings, through second storey doors and windows for internal slabs, filing piles in the Mersea Estuary, placing concrete into the hull of a boat to create ballast, over fences and walls and into basements and outbuildings. Our pumps really do offer the complete solution to your concrete needs.

We also supply larger pumps for bigger projects from our pump partners if required.